Enterprise Applications Development

We design and build robust applications from the ground-up, re-engineer legacy applications, front-ends, lift-and-shift existing applications, and connect existing data sources to provide a seamless enterprise user experience. Our teams have delivered software utilizing best practices such as BDD, TDD and DDD.

We have experience in building applications leveraging cloud, containers, microservices and the latest CI/CD and DevOps practices. We have senior resources on staff that can design, develop and deploy applications with enterprise class security, and that can be integrated with other internal applications, modules and data sources.

Our solutions have helped clients improve business workflows, optimize processes, increase productivity and leverage automation to impact overall performance and the bottom line.


We design collaboratively. We develop transparently. We believe in agile as a process and a philosophy. Our team works with the Customer team as one; we deliver frequent functionally complete releases to ensure quick feedback and course correction.

Our process of enabling the customer to visualize the final product early on and weekly builds means there are no surprises.

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Case Studies

Primus worked with a large Health IT company to re-architect and develop a pharmaceutical application which is used by some of the large hospital systems in the country. The application is integrated with the company’s clinical suite and manages the pharmacy function in the hospital.

Enterprise Applications Framework

We architected and developed an enterprise level application framework for our client, an insurance claims processor in the UK, that became a new platform architecture for their end to end claims processing. It was further extended to integrate local applications in other countries (Canada and Australia).

Primus built a paperless transaction management system in the real estate industry for our client, a large and fast-growing real estate brokerage firm. The application supported end-to-end business operations and workflows.


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