Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is frequently used to automate repeatable tasks and get consistent results free of human error. Primus has built RPA software for many applications, for example, to automate invoice processing, processing claims, incident recording and handling, auto generation of notifications, to name a few.

We focus on understanding the specific process to be automated and help our clients in selecting well defined business processes suitable for automation.
We have helped customers streamline operations, reduce costs and operational risks, reduced human error, and speeded up processes.

Our team is exploring ways to integrate cognitive and machine learning based enhancements to RPA to derive additional efficiencies. We have leveraged NLP, machine learning, chatbots, and OCR technologies in applications with RPA.


We design collaboratively. We develop transparently. We believe in agile as a process and a philosophy. Our team works with the Customer team as one; we deliver frequent functionally complete releases to ensure quick feedback and course correction.

Our process of enabling the customer to visualize the final product early on and weekly builds means there are no surprises.

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Case Studies

Primus automated processes relating to handling claims, checking for eligibility, accuracy, and pre-approval.

Primus automated manual steps relating to receipt and processing of absence claims and creating incidents.