Empower Employees

Digital Transformation tools and applications in mobile, web, machine learning and automation can help empower employees to deliver more than just their “job” responsibilities.

Enabling employees to take initiative, offer input and collaborate has a positive effect on the company’s overall business. It provides the knowledge and information for employees to execute their jobs successfully. It also improves customer satisfaction, employee morale,and the overall business benefits from the synergy.

Primus has been involved in many transformational project engagements that have accomplished the objectives of employee empowerment and resulted in significant impact on business outcomes.


We design collaboratively. We develop transparently. We believe in agile as a process and a philosophy. Our team works with the Customer team as one; we deliver frequent functionally complete releases to ensure quick feedback and course correction.

Our process of enabling the customer to visualize the final product early on and weekly builds means there are no surprises.

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Case Studies

Sales Ordering Applications

Primus built two applications for a large food services wholesaler to enable their sales employees to have quick and ready access to historical ordering and price data by customer, and to create new orders and modifications with competitive pricing and discounts on the fly. The applications were designed to also operate in offline mode to enable field sales to work without internet access.

Client Services Application

This was a re-engineering effort to modernize a legacy application and provide several efficiencies to employees of our client, a large insurance TPA. Contract and Policy documents were made searchable and easily accessible so account managers could respond quickly to claims arriving into their system.

Fuel Management Mobile App

Primus enabled the employees of an Energy Management company to be able to find and reach company fueling stations with pre-negotiated rates.


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