Enable New Business Models

Enabling new business models, whether it means being nimble and offering new services, innovating within the existing ecosystem to create new lines of business, or moving into adjacent markets requires the technological and conceptual framework of digital transformation. It is imperative for enterprises to be intentional about the strategy and business goals driving the change.

At Primus, we have long prided ourselves on being able to look at the big picture and collaborate with clients to help them achieve their objectives while leveraging technology and best practices on their behalf. We have helped clients go into new markets with a fresh platform, upsell services on existing platforms, and provide technology support to build an entirely new line of business.


We design collaboratively. We develop transparently. We believe in agile as a process and a philosophy. Our team works with the Customer team as one; we deliver frequent functionally complete releases to ensure quick feedback and course correction.

Our process of enabling the customer to visualize the final product early on and weekly builds means there are no surprises.

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Case Studies

Loss Adjusting and Business Interruption

For our client, a forensic accounting organization, we built and enhanced applications that supported their loss adjusting and business interruption services. Primus had to rapidly pivot its development team to help the company adapt its platform to support new needs deriving from the worldwide Corona virus situation.

Resource Exchange Platform

Primus is building from the ground-up, a resource exchange for our client that is venturing into a new business model. The platform allows customers and service providers to list requirements and capabilities and helps customers to quickly ramp up large numbers of specialist resources to manage large and unpredictable situations.


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