Optimize Operations

Leveraging digital technology such as cloud, mobile, automation to enhance and make business operations efficient, accurate, and fast is a key benefit of digital transformation in enterprises.

Our solutions team has consulted with and designed, developed, and deployed many applications to help our clients in their digital transformation initiatives. These project engagements have led to improvements in operations, business workflows, and outcomes. This “digital platform” and data-driven approach has allowed our clients to become more agile, competitive, and profitable.


We design collaboratively. We develop transparently. We believe in agile as a process and a philosophy. Our team works with the Customer team as one; we deliver frequent functionally complete releases to ensure quick feedback and course correction.

Our process of enabling the customer to visualize the final product early on and weekly builds means there are no surprises.

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Case Studies

Catastrophe Services Portal

Primus built a mission-critical cloud-based Catastrophe Management Portal for our client, the world’s largest claims management company. The portal enables adjusters, staff, and clients to manage and quickly deploy resources when catastrophic events occur. This application is accessible both on the web and as a mobile application.

Contractor Network

Primus built a cloud-based one-stop portal for its client to efficiently manage contractors onboarding with document storage, financial payments, digital signatures, validations, and notifications. The application included self-serve capabilities and significantly streamlined many processes.


Robotic process automation is frequently used to automate repeatable tasks and get consistent results free of human error. Primus has built RPA software for many applications, for example, to automate invoice processing, processing claims, incident recording and handling, auto generation of notifications, to name a few.

Sharing Economy Platform

Primus teams support and enhance the primary platform for our client, a global company mobilizing on-demand workforce for businesses. Apps include both Apple and Android platforms.


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